Android Application Rated Failed to Protect Personal Data


Among other things, failing to hide bank accounts.

Millions of Android app users, according to a research, be lured to reveal personal data.

The researchers tested 13,500 Android apps and found nearly 8 percent failing to protect his bank account and social media login system.

These applications fail to apply the standard scrambling system, making any attacks that could disclose data continues berlintasan in and go when the equipment is connected using the application website.

Google has not provided comments related to research and study.

Researchers from the security group at the Leibniz University of Hanover and the department of computer science at the Philipps University of Marburg tested the most popular applications on Google’s Play store.

By creating fake wi-fi hotspot and use tools created specifically attacker to spy on the data sent by the application through the route mentioned above, the researchers were able
– Catch the login details for online bank accounts, email services, social media sites, and enterprise networks.
– Disable the security programs or deceptive labeling system security applications has been infected.
– Inject code into a data flow computer which makes the application brings specific commands.

An attacker could even command requests transfer of funds, made as if the user’s transaction processing application does not change.

Some of the applications tested have been downloaded millions of times.

And a survey of 754 people showed that users of the difficulty of knowing whether they are in danger or not. “About half of the participants were not able to assess the security system of the browser correctly. Most importantly, research is needed to study the safety and measure the ability of creators of applications and users, “wrote the study.

Vincent Maddox

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