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VPS Hosting

A VPS web hosting server is a virtual private web server configured on a physical hosting server, which permits customers to have their own server to accommodate web content. It provides a perfect balance between cost and performance, so it is frequently the favored choice for more resource-requiring sites that cannot be hosted on a shared web hosting server. As a few persons keep their own personal private virtual web server on the same machine, all resources can be availed of, which diminishes the cost per capita. Each and every VPS hosting server includes complete root-level access, which allows people to install any software platforms or script libraries that may be needed for given applications to function.

Pluses of the Virtual Private Web Server Hosting Service

The upside of owning a Virtual Private Server is that it is thoroughly independent of the rest of the accounts on the physical server. It can be rebooted, updated, and can even offer a different Operating System than those of the remaining private virtual server hosting accounts on that physical server. It is virtually like a dedicated web hosting server, but a private virtual server costs just a fraction of the price of a dedicated hosting machine.

Restrictions of the VPS Server Web Hosting Service

Each private virtual hosting server plan includes some server storage, bandwidth and central processing unit load quotas. The web hosting firms are supplying diverse plans so each client can obtain the most appropriate package for their necessities. A less advanced virtual server may be utilized to store one single site, while a more advanced one would be a more relevant platform for keeping a set of websites and not worrying about system resources. ‘’ is among the top hosting distributors that are furnishing a bunch of VPS hosting plans.

Web Space Hosting Control Panel Variants: Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.

The web site content on a virtual private web server is administered via a web hosting CP just as any other cheap shared hosting account. This may be the web space hosting Control Panel that the web hosting distributor is supplying, or any other Control Panel that the customer avails of – Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, and so on. All web site files, emails, databases and domains can be managed via the webspace hosting Control Panel, and some panels also offer a couple of management levels – master reseller, reseller, user, etc. This presents a lot of possibilities for business as the virtual web hosting server owners can resell hosting packages or have resellers of their own. More advanced persons can manage everything via a Secure Shell terminal as well.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers – A Virtualization Panel

All necessary web hosting server, FTP, MySQL, etc. software apps are pre-installed on the VPS web hosting server by default, so there is no reason to bother about that. Software updates, installations, restarting operations, etc. are all done via a server virtualization panel that permits the user to handle the virtual hosting server via a graphical interface, which makes the administration of a VPS web server easier and more convenient. An apt example of such a panel is Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. The administration panel is also utilized to create and restore backups, thus sparing you the time you’d otherwise have had to spend waiting for the web hosting vendor’s support department to perform these assignments.

Private Virtual Server Hosting – a Low-Priced and Stable Service

An essential feature of the private virtual server package are the so-called “burstable” system resources. If a concrete site is creating high server load or approaches the quota limit at some stage, extra system resources are allocated to this virtual hosting server on condition that they are present on the physical server. This immensely helps to maintain all websites online and makes the virtual web hosting server a stable and reliable web hosting solution.

A VPS Server – The Logical Choice When You Need More Features

A Virtual Private Server is a great choice for frequently visited web portals that require a lot of system resources. It is powerful enough but simultaneously it is much cheaper than a dedicated server. If the web hosting firm offers a bunch of different plans, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no site movement will be required, therefore there will be no downtime as far as the domain names that are hosted on the virtual private web hosting server are concerned. The administration is not much different than that of a shared web hosting account, but the performance is much better in terms of stability and speed.

Joomla Web Hosting

If you are new to the World Wide Web and you wish to kick off your very first web page, or you are looking for a substitute for the web design software that you are currently utilizing, you may try a script-driven content management system (CMS) software app.

Joomla – Perhaps The Best Known Content Management Application

A CMS (Content Management System) software application denotes a set of features administered through one single administration dashboard that enables you to establish and run web pages easily. You can think of it as a frame, or a pre-built site, atop of which you start setting up and configuring your very own online portal. The most popular open-source CMS software is Joomla, and it is among the finest possibilities you can select from to develop your weblog.

A Brief Chronicle Of The Joomla Content Management Software Platform

Joomla is an open-source Content Management System script built and maintained by hundreds of volunteers working in collaboration in the Joomla Project organization. It can operate on any web hosting platform that works with PHP and MySQL databases, so you can use it with any site hosting package – from a free-of-cost to a shared web hosting account. And why not to a virtual server or a dedicated server? The installation takes just several mins, or if your web hosting provider offers this option, you can utilize a PHP script installation tool that would accomplish the job for you.

Build Feature-Rich Pages, It’s Comparatively Simple

Once Joomla is activated, you can sign in to the admin panel and start creating feature-rich online portals, articles, or any other web content you can recollect. A couple of examples of sites that you can make with the open-source script are family-oriented or religious web pages, school web sites, e-zines and online newspapers, e-business portals, or community-based websites.

An Immense Variety of Joomla Skins

The strength of Joomla arises from its vast community and the countless multitude of enthusiasts who hatch Joomla themes and plug-ins that allow you to append numerous new functions to your web page and bestow it with a matchless look. There are practically 1000’s of add-ons to choose from, and since the PHP-based script is open-source and free to download, so are all the plug-ins and the design skins offered on the Joomla website. The installation is really simple – all you need to perform is upload the add-on files to the proper folder in your web site hosting account, then sign in to the Joomla admin panel and install that specific plugin from a list with all the plug-ins that you presently avail of.

Multi-Language Support

Both the administration Control Panel and the concrete online portal that you make can be in any language, which makes Joomla the most appropriate choice for localizing a website in different languages so that if you would like to make a company portal, for instance, you can target users from different parts of the world. The administration is done through user interfaces known as Managers, which permit you to manage every facet of your web page – media, languages, web templates, plugins, users.

Trustworthy Joomla Web Hosting

NTC Hosting is one of the companies that offer Joomla with each and every site hosting account of theirs. It can be quickly activated through their 1-click PHP script installer, and you can select it during the signup procedure, or you can activate it at a later time. The company furnishes unmetered web hosting services at cheap prices so that you could kick off any kind of online portal availing of Joomla and not worry about resources.

Joomla – The Prime Option for Inexperienced and Qualified Users

Even though Joomla is remarkably simple to utilize, it also boasts multiple high-end features and enables developers to devise custom catalogs, reservation software systems, data-reporting software tools or e-business platforms. This functionality renders the Content Management System script the best known CMS platform and it is the first preference of both rookies and trained developers.

The Nature of Website Hosting

You have a concept that you desire to turn into a website? Your very first move should be to preserve your inspiration and discover a place for your web page online so that it will be constantly visible to the whole world.

Where should you host your site?

Because the number of websites on the web has increased rapidly in the last couple of years, the demand for web hosting services has also lead to the birth of countless website hosting distributors. These are firms that offer you hard drive space for your own web site on their web hosting servers.

Types of hosting services

The range of hosting services varies immensely, so do the requirements of the web site proprietors. The most basic type of web hosting is the small-scale file hosting solution, where files can be uploaded using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web-based graphical user interface. A lot of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide this service free of cost. Personal web site proprietors and companies can also get website hosting services from different web hosting vendors. Personal web site hosting services are typically either free, ad-supported, or inexpensive. Business web site hosting services typically cost more, but owing to the big rivalry on the marketplace, a growing number of web hosting suppliers, such as ExclusiveHosting, supply business web hosting services at cheap prices and with flexible invoicing cycles.

Kinds of sites and their requirements

The cost-free web hosting solution is generally sufficient for personal sites such as portfolios or blogs. A more elaborate site, like a social networking site or a corporate web site, needs a more powerful website hosting solution that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP). If you want to host an online shop, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) must be supported by the hosting provider of your choosing. At present, Secure Sockets Layer certificates are offered by the majority of hosting service providers.

The hosting Control Panel

The hosting distributor typically also offers a hosting Control Panel graphical user interface for administering your files, email boxes, electronic mail aliases, domain names, DNS records, and so on.

Service dependability

When picking a website hosting package, website availability is a very important factor. The availability of a web site is assessed on an annual basis by taking into consideration the time when the web site is publicly accessible and viewable on the World Wide Web. Network and service uptime guarantees, therefore, should be cautiously examined when signing up for a web hosting service. The best thing to do is double-check the service-level agreements and the Terms of Service of the web hosting provider of your choice in advance. Finding reviews from current customers is also a very sensible move before you decide to register.

The shared hosting platform

The most widely used and modestly priced type of hosting service is the shared hosting solution. It offers 24×7 customer support, which is a great advantage for clients who do not want to cope with server maintenance procedures, but could also hamper clients who wish to exercise more authority over the web hosting server. For such customers, a virtual web server or a dedicated hosting server would be more suitable. Most popular applications and scripts work alright on a shared web server. Besides, the shared web hosting solution is less expensive than other types of hosting solutions, like the dedicated server web hosting solution, since the web hosting packages provider splits the web server among many customers. The shared web hosting solution usually includes resource usage limits that guarantee that the separate customers do not intervene with each other and that the web hosting server remains stable.

Handling your shared hosting account

Shared hosting plans typically include a web-based web hosting Control Panel interface, like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc. Most of the large-sized web hosting service providers, such as ExclusiveHosting, utilize their very own personal custom-designed Control Panel.

Web server maintenance

With the shared hosting solution, the web hosting services provider is responsible for administering the web and e-mail servers, for installing server software, security updates and patches, and for offering technical support to its clients. The majority of web servers are based on the Linux OS. The host’s sysadmins are in charge of maintaining the Operating System up to date, unless you have a dedicated hosting server and full server root access.

Free Web Hosting Solutions

Free Web Hosting

You want to host your website for free, but where do you do that without ads being incorporated on your website? Is that even possible? It turns out that it is feasible indeed, although there is a very small number of web hosting service providers delivering free web hosting packages without adverts.

My recently found free hosting supplier

A short while ago I discovered 100Webspace, a UK-registered web hosting packages provider, which supplies charge-free web site hosting solutions. The major reason why they can offer charge-free hosting packages without any advertisements is the circumstance that you can set up only one single charge-free web hosting account with them, whereas web hosting companies that place banner advertisements on your websites allow you to create as many charge-free website hosting user accounts as you desire.

Free web site hosting limitations

Many free hosting distributors disallow the use of their cost-free web site hosting packages just for file or image hosting purposes and the use of bandwidth for hotlinking purposes. Lots of free web hosting providers forbid hotlinking or direct linking and the inclusion of different computer file extensions. 100Webspace makes no exception and prohibits inline linking by default.

File size limits

Other common restrictions imposed on free-of-charge web hosting accounts by free web hosting vendors are connected with the size of the files. For example, 100Webspace does not permit customers to upload files greater than 500 kilobytes or big audio and video files. Even if you try to upload a large file or a forbidden file type, it will not work out. You can upload more sizeable files and dodge this limitation if you upgrade to a professional paid web hosting package. 100Webspace supplies remarkably affordably priced web site hosting solutions in case you require extra system resources.

File quotas

One additional free web site hosting account limitation is associated with the number of files you can store inside the website hosting account. Paid website hosting accounts normally include file quotas too, but cost-free web hosting plans have much more limited file quotas. Let’s take as an example the cost-free web site hosting package supplied by 100Webspace. You can only store five thousand files in your free-of-charge web hosting account and have to shift to a professional paid hosting package if you need to host more. The free-of-charge hosting plan does not offer an email service too, so this type of hosting service is predominantly appropriate for testing purposes or if you have a family-oriented, non-profit portal, which needs an extremely small amount of traffic and includes very few files. If your little website project starts to enlarge, though, you do not necessarily have to swap hosting providers, because there also is the option to upgrade your website hosting package to a paid one without ever having to switch

Web Hosting Reseller

There are plenty of ways of generating money online and one of them is to resell the web hosting services provided by a certain hosting services provider. This offers vast options for everyone who would like to gain more revenue. There are different sorts of hosting reseller solutions, based on the hosting reseller’s degree of commitment and, of course, on the hosting supplier that provides the web hosting service. Prior to looking into that, let us first discuss

What is a hosting reseller solution?

A hosting reseller solution is a kind of web hosting account, which allows the user to set up various subaccounts that can be offered to different clients. This is mainly achieved by bestowing the reseller with access to a master reseller web hosting account, via which he can set up different hosting accounts availing of the server storage space offered by the reseller web hosting plan, for which he pays a certain price. This is much like the shared web hosting solution and just like it, with the majority of web hosting reseller programs, many reseller hosting accounts share a single web hosting server and are not supplied with full root-level access to the web server configuration files. Such hosting reseller programs are normally not that costly. However, they do restrain the resellers from selling other forms of web hosting services apart from shared packages.

Different forms of hosting reseller services

Beside the already mentioned way of hosting reseller accounts, there are also several different setups that work just as good. Still, they vary with respect to the degrees of commitment and the amount of resources that each one of them presupposes. As already stated, the most popular way of selling hosting solutions gives you limited alternatives and you risk losing your money if things don’t work out. That is why, bigger hosting firms like ResellersPanel offer alternative methods of reselling web hosting plans without having to buy anything upfront, or to even get involved in the provision of customer and invoicing support. With their hosting reseller program, the reseller signs up for free and fixes his own personal retail prices for the web hosting packages, which are being offered straight from his online storefront. As invoicing transactions are handled by’s staff, the reseller does not need to pay for the hosting service beforehand. He’s simply going to receive the difference between the retail and the wholesale price as a commission. The reseller also has the option to provide web hosting services such as Virtual Private Server hosting accounts, semi-dedicated web hosting server plans and dedicated web server hosting plans. More or less, his job involves promoting the service and offering support to the end customers and with web hosting corporations that do not demand upfront charges and tackle the invoicing and customer support provision, the sole assignment left for the reseller will be to promote his personal brand’s web storefront. Another possibility will be to set up different user accounts on a private virtual web hosting server, or on a dedicated web server. With most web hosting companies, you may get those 2 web hosting hosting services with a cPanel, DirectAdmin, or some other web hosting CP, pre-installed on them. That will permit you to set up different shared hosting accounts and have absolute authority over both the clients and the hosting server itself. Moreover, on a dedicated hosting server, you may create various VPS web server accounts and sell them to your clients. One single dedicated hosting server may hold thousands of virtual private web server accounts, depending on the server’s architecture. This will allow you to deliver a wider array of web hosting solutions to your clients, which will furnish you with more opportunities when popularizing your online store. Sure enough, using a private virtual web hosting server or a dedicated server for hosting reseller objectives is much more costly than using an average web hosting reseller account. That’s why, this possibility should be considered only if the reseller has sufficient ability and practice needed to administer a web hosting server, otherwise it’s recommended to either sign up for an ordinary reseller program, or for the aforementioned Free Reseller Program provided by, which requires less dedication from the web hosting reseller.

Joomla Reseller Hosting

The Joomla web hosting solution is currently considered to be one of the most popular and wanted products on the market. One of the key reasons that have brought such popularity to the Joomla hosting is the fact that it is quite a simple and straight forward to operate with. Moreover there is a really wide variety of plug-ins and themes provided.

Another benefit of the Joomla solutions is the fact that should you be a newbie in the area there will always be someone to help you. The society is really large and always ready to help with useful advices based on the experience everyone has had. Answer to all potential questions you might have will be available for you along with suggestions and tips.

These are among the key reasons that have brought such a large popularity of the Joomla hosting and the Joomla platform itself. Lots of people are willing to get namely these solutions.

Joomla reseller hosting provider

What Resellers Panel offer is the unique opportunity for everyone to immediately start offering Joomla web hosting. It is really important to point out that what Resellers Panel offer does not require any investment what so ever. What you would need to do is sign up for the Joomla-reseller-hosting program offered and you will be in the web hosting reseller business.

Resell shared hosting services, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated server hosting solutions, domains and SSL certificates on behalf of your own brand name.


  • Create your own web hosting firm only with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Nothing to purchase in advance.
  • Cost-free front-store templates.
  • Round-the-clock client and reseller support.
  • A multi-currency payment system.

Free Joomla templates with web hosting

Along with the free sign up and no investment you will also gain the chance to provide automatic Joomla installations and free templates with each web hosting solution you offer to your customers.

Reseller hosting with no investments required

The No Investments Required along with all the extras you and your customers will gain makes the solution offered by Resellers Panel a really attractive such and worth trying.