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Finding Home in an Unexpected Place

I used to live up in Laurel. That is where I met my wife. We were looking at houses in the surrounding area. A daily commute of 10 or 20 miles is not a big deal with our workplace being right off of Route 59. While looking for homes close to where we work, we found apartments in Hattiesburg MS that were really nice. We were not even considering getting an apartment because we have a dog that is family to us. She is like our little girl. Hattiesburg is mostly in Forrest County and part of it goes into Lamar County Mississippi. I was really surprised to find the apartments they have there called Breckenridge that also has a lake and allows dogs.

It is really a nice setup. There is the lake, a clubhouse, a large swimming pool and they even have a theater to use. We toured a couple of the available apartments on a whim. Our dog was with us, and she went into the apartments too. People stopped and said hi and petted our dog. She wagged her tail like crazy and was happy to meet new people. (more…)

Life Can Change in Unexpected and Welcome Ways

Never in a million years did I think I would be moving to a different state than the one that I grew up in. I was brought up in California, and I loved my surroundings. I loved the people, lifestyle, landscape and so much more. But I was struggling with my business, and knew it was time to give up. A friend of mine does really well for himself with his own business selling real estate in Denver and loves it. I jokingly stated that maybe I should have gone into real estate, and he told me that I should move out to Colorado and work for him.

After the phone call with my buddy, I seriously started thinking of picking up and moving. I had originally thought it best to work for myself, but it was really stressful. I missed working for someone else because that means that they do most of the work, and I only need to follow orders. I called him back and told him that I had decided to do it. (more…)

Started to Look for a Gun

I have spent the last couple of weeks looking for a new place to live. Of course you never find anything ideal, the world does not work that way. However what I did find is a place that has a low price tag because of where it is. That does not bother me too much. Instead I have to figure out what is the best sort of way to protect myself in case there is trouble. So I went to a local gun store and I was baffled by the display of guns and gun accessories that they had for sale. It was really incredible. Of course behind the counter they had a whole wall dedicated to assault weapons. (more…)

From Bulletin Board Services to the Development of the World Wide Web

How many email addresses do you have? Most people have one for work and at least one personal one. Others have junk email addresses they use when trying to get freebies and other things on the Internet. You want the freebie, but you do not want the spam coming into your regular email box. If you are like me, you check one email platform that every other email address forwards to. So, if you have a lot of email addresses, what is your oldest one? My mom still uses and MSN Hotmail sign in. That has been around since about 1995 or so. A lot of the people developing the Internet now were born around that time. Isn’t that crazy to think about?

I can remember before we had the Internet. Some local people would set up their computers to receive calls from others. (more…)

Routine HVAC Maintenance Saves on Long Term Costs

The cost of running a business, retail store, or building in New York City can be quite high. When you think of adding in the cost of repairs an HVAC system in time for summer, it can be a costly bill on the horizon. Although getting an HVAC repair in NYC might seem expensive, it is nothing close to the costs that you would incur if the system broke down entirely during the summer and required days or longer to fix it then. Remember the cost-benefit trade off in getting the work done early. Hire a trained professional with experience working with commercial clients or industrial settings. At times your system will need a major repair, but for systems that have been properly maintained over the years, the call for service can amount to more of a tune-up.

The difference in the level of repairs needed for a system that is well cared for and one that has been neglected can be substantial. (more…)

I’m Not Cut out for the City

I grew up in North Carolina, so it was a huge culture shock to me when I moved to New York City for a job. While I appreciated the opportunity, I never felt comfortable there. I felt so out of place, and I never felt safe. I knew that I would not last long there, which is why I was happy when a teaching position opened up in Asheville. I applied and was hired almost immediately, and I started looking at Asheville apartments for rent the same day I got the good news.

I knew that after living in New York City for two years, I could put up with just about anything in North Carolina. I was not ready to settle like that though. I wanted to be able to see the mountains again. (more…)

I Like Having a Chance of Pace

You do not have stay in one place all your life. My parents always told me that it is important to do that. They always felt that putting down roots and not moving around was the smartest thing to do. But I wanted to spread my wings and try and do new things. I decided to check out apartments for Toledo Ohio because I have a friend living there. It is also not too far from where my parents and my siblings live, so I knew I could easily come home on the weekends.

I decided to choose the Toledo area because of all the fun things there are to do there. I had been living in a much smaller city. (more…)

Getting Rid of the Junk Email

I work in a very small office. There are only four of us total, and only three of us are in the office at any given time. Because we are so small, all of us know how to do everyone else’s job, just in case one of us would fall ill or have an emergency absence. When one of the other women had to be out for a few weeks, I was responsible for our main email account. I never realized how much junk we received, and I wondered if I was able to report a spam email when one kept sending all kinds of junk to a spam email (more…)

Scrap Copper Can Add Up

When I bought an old farmhouse for a really low price, I had so many ideas for it. I wanted to remodel it, and I was able to get all of that started since I paid a fraction of what it was worth. It took me nearly six months to get the house how I wanted it, then I decided to start working on the outbuildings. There were at least a dozen of them, and I had only looked in the barn. I knew that I was going to have to find out the price of scrap copper after looking in some of the others though.price of scrap copper (more…)

Free Web Hosting Services

Free Web Hosting

Plenty of web hosting corporations at the moment are delivering free-of-cost web page hosting solutions, drawing more and more clients. The cost-free service is adequate if you possess a personal web site or if you do not wish to invest cash for a paid professional web hosting plan. Let’s have a gaze at some of the pros and cons of the free web hosting solution as a whole.

Benefit No.1: Free-of-Charge Web Hosting is… Free

The strongest side is that you get a top free web hosting service – this would exclude any costs connected with running a personal website, a weblog, a forum, or even a small-sized corporate portal. Since the free web page hosting vendors are also providing standard web hosting plans, they will try to provide you with a steady service and to convince you that their web hosting servers are stable. If you receive a reliable free-of-charge service, it indicates that you’d obtain an even greater paid service, so it is in their own best self-interest to supply you with a steady free-of-cost site hosting service. This will make you more likely to contemplate getting a cloud hosting plan from them in the near future.

Strong Side Number Two: Saves You Cash

The free web hosting service is an acceptable option if you do not want to invest cash in your website or you are making your initial moves in website design and want to determine how well you can manage, but you are reluctant to give money for that. What’s more, if you would like a web page for a certain occasion such as a class gathering, a fundraising mission, or regional elections, you may consider a free-of-cost webspace hosting service as you will not be constrained by any service contracts and you will not have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis for the webspace hosting plan, which you may not even avail of after the event has elapsed.

Disadvantage No.1: Forced Commercials

No matter how solid the charge-free hosting solution might appear, it also has disadvantages – precisely because it is free-of-cost. Since the clients do not pay for their hosting accounts, the only way for the hosting company to offer this service is to put ads on each and every page of your website. Some hosting corporations even use pop-up windows and this may hinder the guests to your website from visiting it or from returning again in the near future. The advertisements will also make any business online portal look amateurish – few people would buy anything from a service provider that cannot afford to give money for its own online portal.

Drawback Number Two: Limited Technical Support

There are some technical limitations as well. Since the web hosting service is free-of-charge, the storage space, traffic and file size quotas are traditionally quite limited, while electronic mail or database support is not constantly available. You can upgrade either the whole plan to a reliable web hosting plan, or you can upgrade only a single functionality, such as server storage, on the basis of the upgrade choices given by the free host that you are utilizing. Another negative point is that you may be provided with minimal or no customer and tech support and that there is no warranty for the dependability of the web servers. Every web hosting firm would like to offer stable solutions, but as long as you do not pay a single cent, as is the case with the cost-free webspace hosting service, you cannot anticipate to receive such solutions.

Half-Priced Hosting – The Worthier Alternative?

Examining the positive and negative aspects of the cost-free webspace hosting service, you can determine whether you demand such a solution or a paid professional one. Some hosting providers like 50Webs, for example, provide several standard shared hosting packages that are quite cheap and immensely exceed the resources delivered by any charge-free web hosting plan.