Galaxy S4, Smartphone with ‘Crazy’ Processor


Cover story this week will discuss the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

One thing that most attracted the attention of the successor to the Galaxy S3 is the availability of Octa-core processors (8-core), which is believed to provide exceptional performance.

For more details, here are some points that mark the presence of Galaxy S4 in the realm of high-end smartphones.

1. Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 revealed on 14 March at the Radio City Music Hall, New York, United States. Besides Exynos 5 Octa processor, this phone uses 5-inch 1920×1080 display.

2. Greatness Galaxy S4 Processor

Exynos 5 Octa processor used has two types of cores, the cores are powered by ARM A15 architecture that works at 1.66 GHz and the A7 architecture that works at 1.2 GHz.

3. Security Features Knox Security

Knox Security that provides security services enterprise, capable of separating the functions of the smartphone will use a personal business use.

4. Health Feature in Galaxy S4

One of the accessories that can be used on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the S Health application and various health monitoring devices.

5. Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5

Both are a mainstay product in the high-end of Samsung and Apple. Ghiboo trying to display head-to-head between the two in terms of specifications, features, operating system, and of course the price. Read More.

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