Reasons Windows 8 Best-Selling in Japan

The use of female anime characters are cute.

On Monday (10/29), Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said that since its launch last week, the rate of sales of Windows 8 exceeds the rate of sales of Windows 7, which is the top-selling version of Windows.

Although there are complaints of confusion users who think the screen suddenly becomes a touch screen, Windows 8 sales in Japan, reported by site Rocketnews24, lasts very well.

The secret, according to the website Rocketnews24, there on wrap OS. Wrap Windows 8 in Japan using pictures anime two sweet girls.

Rather than adding new features to the operating system, DSP (Delivery Service Partner) launched an exclusive edition of Windows 8 Pro 64bit in Japan with pictorial packing two sweet female anime characters; Yuu Madobe and Ai Madobe.

The second anime’s name, “Madobe”, meaning “in the window (window)”. While the name of the character, “Yuu” and “Ai” is a play on words of the English language from “You” and “I”.

Her story, anime characters are brothers. Ai, who has long hair is her brother, while Yuu, which is a short hair is sister.

In the second bundle unofficial version of the cover is enriched with a custom wallpaper, and has a choice of sound character, is also a touch screen mouse Microsoft Wedge.

Bundle OS is sold in limited quantities in certain electronics stores in Japan, with 18 thousand yen (200 U.S. dollars).

Reportedly, the two figures anime cover picture is also made differently in 2 districts in Japan; district of Akihabara in Tokyo and Osaka district Nipponbashi. Both are sold in more limited amounts.

Edition Akihabara, which is distinguished by a golden box, still with two figures anime young woman, reportedly already sold out. While the edition of Akihabara, which added a leopard skin pattern behind both anime character is still there in some stores.

On the day of the launch of the OS, some computer hardware stores reported using the services of young women to act as the two men to help attract the attention of prospective buyers.

According Rocketnews site, it shows the influence of anime female figure on the sale of products for the Japanese people.

Vincent Maddox

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