Through Smartphone Nadi Pulse Knowable


Fujitsu, Japan’s IT development company today announced the newest technology in the field of health is to know the pulse of a person through face image as reported by (18/03).

This technology uses a camera that has been embedded in a smartphone, tablet or PC, where the person’s face will be scanned to measure the brightness of the face caused by the level of blood flow.

Fujitsu claimed this technology does not require special hardware, and only takes 5 seconds to measure the pulse.

The way this technology works is by taking video faces and calculates the amount of light of red, green and blue parts of the face from each frame.

Technology gauge the pulse of this innovative series of products will join other health gauge, that can be directly used by the user’s hands without having to go to the hospital.

Not yet known how much the price of Fujitsu’s latest applications. Fujitsu will provide more detailed information at the 2013 General Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers in Gifu, Japan tomorrow.

Vincent Maddox

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